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  Production and Plants  

Now Gionee Communication has two processing plants, including Dongguan Jinming Electronics and Dongguan Jinzhong Electronics, with a total investment of more than RMB80 million, an area of factory building of more than 20,000 square meters and the number of staff beyond 1000 persons.

Dongguan Jinzhong Electronics is a plant specialized in processing of electronic products and electric appliances, with a total fixed asset of RMB 63 million. It is a factory with building area of more than 11000 square meters and the number of staff 750, among which 70% hold the technical educational background beyond secondary school, and the engineering and technical personnel number 90. The plant has 8 fully automatic high-speed production lines of SMT and 15 assembly lines, with the maximum daily production capacity of 6 million points. Another RMB 40 million is planned to invest, which will add the production lines to 10 and the daily production capacity will reach 8 million points.

At the beginning of 2003, Gionee Communication invested RMB 20 million to construct another production plant in Dongguan, Jinming Electronics, which has been put into operation successfully. The plant has four automatic production lines for mobile phone assembly, each of them is equipped with 17 sets of computers, and the investment on equipments of each line reaches RMB 10 million, which enables the general assembling level, product quality and the capability of test to reach the domestic advanced level of the industry. The initial annual production capacity of the plant is 2 million sets, and in 2004, the company will invest another RMB 30 million, to construct the plant into an automated modern production base specialized in mobile phone, with an annual production capacity of 5 million sets.

Dongguan Jinzhong Electronics

  Jinming Electronics Jinming Electronics
Quality Controls  

Advanced Mobile Phone Trial Production Line

Gionee Communication invested about RMB10 million to purchase a large quantity of world advanced instruments and equipments for production test, and established the domestic trial production line specially for facilitating the research and development of products, which laid the foundation for trial and mass production of new products. This trial production line built the bridge connecting the stage of product design to mass production, as the ˇ§incubatorˇ¨ of the research and development achievements to enter into the market. It made the commissioning, test, research and development of mobile phone into an integrated production line, which not only shortened the cycle of research and development of mobile phone, but also ensured the quality at the early stage when the product is in conception, and improved the stability of product substantially.


SMT line

Quality Ensuring & Quality-life of Product

With the complete processing and production equipments, including the Panasonicautomatic SMT machine, and the equipments for automatic wave soldering machine, 8-heat-zone lead-free reflux soldering and component forming machine, the Jinzhong Electronics places the quality above all. To ensure the product quality, the enterprise formulated and implemented the quality policy of Adhering to continuous improvement, meeting the demands of clients and pursuing zero deficiency of products to every link of the production and operation of the enterprise, and try to fulfill the quality objective of 100% pass rate, and 100% customer satisfaction, so as to ensure that no quality issue arises in any process of the production and that no potential quality risk exists.

To keep the product quality under control, the Jinming Electronics has formulated strict quality management system,improves the quality management system and its processes continuously through the method of PDCA cycle, and managed the system and processes quantitatively according to the standards and procedures. In specific implementation, the enterprise formulated quality requirements and the documentation according to the quality manual and implemented it strictly. Besides the requirements on system, Jinming Electronics puts stricter requirements on production, and manages each process of production and processing quantitatively. The plant is also accelerating the progress in getting the certification of ISO9000 international quality system, and prohibiting the release of any mobile phone with defects, to protect the maximum interests of consumers.

Japan-made SEM-668 Full-Automatic solder Printing MachineMobile Phone Testing and Assembling
  Research and Development  

Gionee Communication has strong technical forces and long-term plan on technology development.It is one of the domestic brands with the most profound and broadest achievements in design, research and development. The company has established the Gionee Mobile Communication Design Institute, which is one of the strongest R&D group in the domestic field, and the first domestic trial production line that facilitates the research and development, thus makes the regulation, test, research and development of mobile phone into an integrated production chain, shorten the cycle of research and development of mobile phone effectively, and ensure the quality of mobile phone products.

The research and development department is mainly responsible for product design and development, including system integration,software, application system, structure and model. At present the research and development system has more than 150 persons engaged in research and development of mobile phone, with an average age of 28, in which the undergraduates takes 60%, the graduates 30%, 3 doctors, and 1 post doctor.

The company also established the mobile phone research and development institute with the strongest strength, and the facilitating trial production line, which is the first in domestic and is able to carry out the trial production in small and medium lot, with an investment of about 10 million Yuan. With one year's efforts, we have developed 8 models of mobile phones that meet the market demands, Such as Gionee303, Gionee306, Gionee530, Gionee506, Gionee508, GE618, Gionee303B and Gionee516. The Gionee628, which is of more technological contents, will appear in the market in the near future. We will develop the programs for medium and high-ranking mobile phones continuously, and based on the 2G and 2.5G mobile communication stanedard, carry out research in depth on system integration at chip level, to develop the programs of system integration with higher stability. With respect of software protocol,on the basis of the current bottom protocol software code, we will develop our own bottom protocol software and MMI (man-machine interface) software.

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